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Blessed by a Mediterranean climate and a rich history influence by the Ottoman Empire, Turkey appeals to both culture-seekers and beach-buffs. Istanbul is the entry point for most travelers—a vast city straddling Europe and Asia. While Istanbul possesses a wealth of things for tourists to see and do, other regions have their appeal. Splash around the mud baths of Dalyan or scramble around the volcanic rock of Goreme. Divers will want to swim the ancient wrecks around Bodrum. Wherever you go, don’t ever, ever skip coffee and desserts; enjoying flowery Turkish Delight and gooey-flaky baklava is mandatory. Turkey’s most famous and important city Istanbul, was once the impressive and powerful Constantinople, capital of the Roman and Byzantine empires. That’s just a small part of the fascinating history that’s written in the streets, coasts and buildings of Turkey. Most nationalities need to apply for a visa to travel to Turkey.
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A great destination for relaxing beach holidays and delicious cuisine, Turkey also offers so much more: From cultural wonders and every kind of sport and adventure, to incredible natural landscapes.
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